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Oscar Velarde was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and always dreamed of becoming a famous actor. Growing up, he was fascinated by the martial arts and trained in various styles including Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu. He pursued a career as a professional fighter until his family bought a circus and introduced a new opportunity. He started out as a circus worker in charge of construction and spotlight then became a clown and a juggler specializing in Chinese yoyo. This reignited his dream of becoming an actor and when the family circus went on hiatus, he decided to pursue his dream. So he packed his bags and went to San Francisco to study acting at the Academy of Art University and it has done more for him than he could have ever imagined.


During his time at Academy of Art he was able to be a part of various acting projects. Ranging from on stage projects, to internet projects, to student films. On stage, he has been a part of a variety of different types of productions including variety and improv. On the internet he can currently be seen in the first season of Logical Phallacies, on YouTube and is currently working on another YouTube series entitled: Move or Die. Also he has played a large variety of roles for numerous student films. These roles have ranged from a troubled writer, to an evil spirit, and even famous roles such as Hannibal Lector.


His goals in acting are very straight forward. He hopes to soon be a member of Theatre Bay Area (TBA), the American Guild of Variety Arts (AGVA), and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA) and get some acting roles through these groups. The real goal is just simply to be able to make a living by performing for the people. To make people happy through his art and still pay the rent, that is simply the ultimate goal.

Height: 5'9"   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Brown


Jeosfely Entertainment  |  El Gran Circo de Mexico  |  2008-2012  | Clown/Juggler

Pianofight, San Francisco   |   Lefty and Liela Get it Right   |   2016  |   Featured


Circus Center Cabaret, San Francisco  |   Love Hangover   |   2017  |   Diabolo Artist


Patrick Hagan Productions   |   Dr. Splashes the Fun Clown   |   2016  |   Featured

William Hollander Productions  |   Clash   |   2014  |   Star

Penny Farthing Entertainment  |   Logical Phallacies   |   2014  |   Co-Star


Glass and Marker   |   King of Avalon   |   2017  |   Construction Worker

Goldwood Media | Tic Watch (Everyday Heros) | 2017 | Janitor/Green Ranger



Training & Workshops

Academy of Art University   |   Bachelor of Fine Arts: Acting   |   Diane Baker

Laura Henry Acting Studio   |   Summer Meisner Intensive   |   Laura Henry

Circus Center: Clown Conservatory   |   Summer Intensive   |   Dan Griffiths

Special Skills

Oscar Velarde has a wide variety of special skills. He is trained in improvisation and musical theater as a baritone. His stage combat skills in armed and empty handed martial arts are extensive enough to choreograph fights. He also has a wide variety of circus skills including magic, rolling globe, tight wire walking, rolla-bola, clowning, basic acrobatics traditional juggling, and object manipulation. He is a bilingual speaker who is fluent in Spanish. He enjoys cooking, riding his bicycle or skateboard, and occasionally crocheting.

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